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1.b.ii Our withdrawal numbers are much lower because we’ve withdrawn a large number of volumes of serials in past years and
now have gone to buying many more electronic materials, thus reducing our withdrawal figures considerably.
3 Includes 27,849 batchloaded e-books.
5.a.ii We dropped a few state-funded databases where we would have counted print subscriptions as electronic in 2007-2008.
5.b.iii In 2007-2008, we counted only titles with gift or exchange order records; this year we also counted titles with check-in
records with “gift” noted.
16.d This consists of: electronic archiving ($9,750), preservation (not incl. contract binding - $62,629), other preservation ($11,140),
GPO shelflist service ($4,636), III services ($111,420), interlibrary loan ($31,715), MARC record batches ($21,058), memberships
($301,100), BCR ($206,525), OPAC enhancements ($52,250), storage (Boulder $15,792), Prospecter ($5,500), shelf-ready
processing ($89,114), and Backstage backfile ($50,000).
17 This year we’re using the figure for contract binding from our preservation librarian, which is a lower but more precise
figure for what ARL asks to include in this question. Acquisitions has provided the figure in the past, but their figure
includes other items paid to the commercial binding vendor than just contract binding and, thus, has always been a larger
24.a We spent $515,125 on this, but it does not come from the Operating Expenditures per the instructions, so we’re putting 0
25 Lower figure because we purchased only 5 (versus about 60) replacement computers during 2008-2009 (not including
the faculty computer replacement program). This was due to a lack of staff to order/install/maintain computers. We also
purchased about $10,000 less in software.
1.a Volumes held June 30, 2008 revised to 2,288,232.
1.b.i New methodology now allows the library to count cataloged e-docs as part of the volumes held.
3 Increase due to purchase of large e-book sets during the 2008-2009 fiscal year.
5 Increase due to purchase of electronic serials no longer provided by state contract.
16.b Additional funding transferred from University for purchase of Web of Science previously included in external source
23 Increase due to inflation costs and move of costs from University to Library for purchase of Web of Science database.
All figures are as of 08/31/2009 [Teachers College].
Columbia data includes The Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning (CCNMTL) and the Center for Digital
Research and Scholarship (CDRS.) Data from the Barnard, Butler, Law, Health Sciences, and Teachers College Library are
included in the figures reported.
1 Includes 733,655 e-books. [Butler]
1 Includes 72,700 e-books. [Teachers College]
1.b Performing inventory which included sizable withdrawal and donation of college catalogs for digitization to CollegeSource.
[Teachers College]
5 Barnard serials data included in Butler Library statistics. [Barnard]
5 Reflects unique titles; all other titles received by Teachers College overlap with, and are counted in, Butler Library statistics.
[Teachers College]
10 This figure is an estimate. We are doing a major inventory. [Teachers College]
16.d Includes costs associated with maintenance of collection (e.g., shipping, supplies, relocation, memberships). [Butler]
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