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5.b.iii The decrease is due to UNL Libraries’ preference for electronic materials.
14 UNL Libraries increased resources towards purchasing items frequently requested via ILL. The bulk of these materials are
audiovisual materials; which are highly in demand.
16.d Library material expenditures have been largely devoted to electronic serials. We expect this trend to continue.
17 The move towards electronic materials has diminished the need to bind materials. In addition, the use of shrink wrap has
reduced the need to bind materials as well.
22 UNL Libraries is intentionally refraining from purchasing these types of resources as part of the Serials Review Process,
which explains the decrease from the 2007-2008 figure.
23 UNL Libraries renewed a number of large databases licenses this year. These big deals typically occur every three years.
24.a-24.b The Libraries decreased the amounts that were paid into the OCLC accounts.
26 This decrease is largely due to the decrease in shipping costs as well as UNL Libraries switching shipping companies.
31 This decrease may be due to the fact that many liaison librarians have switched subject areas. This decrease appears to be a
trend for UNL Libraries.
32 In May of 2009, UNL Libraries moved the QuestionPoint (collaborative virtual reference service) box to the front page of the
newly designed Library website.
33 In house use of materials has increased significantly.
42 Due to the poor state of the economy, graduate student numbers are up.
Library branches included: Centennial Science & Engineering Library, Fine Arts & Design Library, Parish Memorial Library,
Zimmerman Library, Bainbridge Visual Resources Library and the Tireman Library.
Library branches NOT included: Gallup Campus Branch Library, Los Alamos Campus Branch Library, Taos Campus Branch
Library, and the Valencia Campus Branch Library.
Data from the Law and Health Sciences Library are also included in the figures reported. The Native American Studies
Library is no longer a staffed library; rather, it is now a reading room. Collections from this library are no longer included in
this report.
1.a Volumes held June 30, 2008 revised to 3,013,580 which includes 2,616,973 volumes from the Main Library, 242,357 volumes
from the Law Library, and 154,250 volumes from the Health Sciences Library. Previous total did not include e-Books.
1.b.ii Conducted a routine maintenance of our print collection.
3 Total includes e-Books.
5.a.i Continued to add titles in early 08/09 using fire insurance funds.
5.a.ii Implemented a project to purchase serials in electronic format whenever possible.
5.b.i Gale agreement with New Mexico State Library provided more free resources.
5.b.ii More serials are freely available this year. Additionally, more accurate tracking is possible using new internal systems.
5.b.iii Gifts acceptance policy has been narrowed resulting in a decrease.
9 Bainbridge Visual Resources Library conducted a major initiative to increase their store of digital image files.
13 Increase due to large collection gift.
14 Increase due to large purchase of video store collection.
16.b Replacement of destroyed items (due to 2006 fire) is now concluded. Total expenditures have now returned to normal levels.
16.d Added several new memberships and expenditures for some utilities were made off-cycle.
17 Post-fire increase due to volumes needing binding after their return from a disaster recovery vendor for cleaning.
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