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1.b.ii Increase due to intensive weeding and collections maintenance in preparation for move of materials to newly constructed
storage unit.
5.b.iv It is not possible to provide a separate count for government publication serials received but not purchased for 2008-2009.
16-26 Expenditures as reported in Canadian dollars: (16a) $1,972,454; (16b) $6,577,890; (16c) $120,997; (16d) $377,594; (16) $9,048,935;
(17) $152,555; (18a) $5,627,502; (18b) $5,842,452; (18c) $796,011; (18) $12,265,965; (20) $2,138,318; (21) $23,605,773; (22) $647,336; (23)
$4,267,405; (24a) $0; (24b) $0; (25) $476,910; (26) $169,439.
16.c This figure represents expenditures on serial back files only. It is not possible to disaggregate expenditures for charts, maps,
audiovisual materials, manuscripts, etc.
Library branches included: Art, Architecture, Chemistry, EPSL, McKeldin, Hornbake, PAL, Shady Grove.
2 University of Maryland Libraries do not track this data.
Library branches included: Integrated Sciences and Engineering Library, Music Listening Lab, and Image Collection library.
3 56,106 e-books were also purchased at a cost of $220,090.
37 Excludes 6 DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice), 1 Au. D. (Audiology), and 29 Ed.D. degrees.
1 -1.a Volumes held June 30, 2008 revised to 3,017,034. Figure revised to include 102,982 EEBO e-books.
1.b Volumes added during the year includes the following counts: 40,962 print volumes, 6,904 e-books, 3,642 e-theses, and 2,223
digitized volumes.
3 Number of monographic volumes purchased includes the following counts: 22,416 print titles and 253 individually
purchased e-book titles.
18-18.c Includes fringe benefits.
All figures are as of 05/31/2009.
Library branches included: Richter Library (central library); Calder Memorial Library (medical library); Law library; and the
Architecture, Business, Marine Science, and Music libraries. [Central Library (Richter)].
1 Includes 550,975 ETDs and e-books, including titles in the following collections: eBrary, NetLibrary, Early English Books
Online, Gale’s 18th Century Collections Online, Women Writers Project, Wright American Fiction, Making of the Modern
World, Making of Modern Law, Literature Online, Sabin, Evans, Shaw-Shoemaker, Gale Virtual Library, Knovel, Safari Tech
Books, Thieme, Synthesis, and OVID. [Central Library (Richter)].
1.a Volumes held revised to 3,264,296 which includes 2,598,070 volumes from the Main Library, 448,545 volumes from the Law
Library, and 217,681 volumes from the Medical Library. Differs from volume count reported in 2007-2008 by 1,207 volumes
due to error in music library bound periodicals count. [Central Library (Richter)]
2 Includes print, e-book, and microform titles in the ILS database. Does not include non-recon titles, e.g., pre-1976 government
documents, special collections, and a small percentage of general collections (volume counts for the latter are included in our
volumes held, as we kept an historic physical volume count prior to the use of an ILS). [Central Library (Richter)]
2 Included in central library (Richter) statistics. [Marine Library]
5.b.iv Increase due to the inclusion of subtotals from the Law Library. This survey question was originally marked UA/NA, but
it was changed so that sub-totals from the Law survey could be aggregated to the overall serials figures. [Central Library
6 Only e-serial government document titles are included for the central library. [Central Library (Richter)]
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