98 · Representative Documents: Committee/Unit Charge
University of Connecticut
Scholarly Communications/Copyright Team
The team will distribute incoming copyright and scholarly communication news and information to
interested library staff via a scholarly communications listserv, to which others may also contribute.
The team will send a reminder to all staff once a year inviting new subscribers.
While the UConn Libraries Scholarly Communications/ Copyright Team offers copyright resources to
the university community, neither the library nor the team are responsible for enforcing copyright
compliance within the university. The team does not offer legal advice.
The team should plan to keep in regular contact with the following individuals and groups:
Legal counsel
Office of Audit, Compliance and Ethics
Attorney General’s Office (Storrs Branch)
University Copyright Committee (if formed)
University CIO and DMCA Representative
Research Foundation
Faculty (from the Provost’s Library Advisory Committee or the Faculty Research Council)
The Scholarly Communications /Copyright Team will archive decisions and documents on Sharepoint.
Funds for brochures, mailings, annual public forum, and targeted workshop or conference attendance.
The team is a Cross Campus Team
Team Composition/Selection
Three team members will be determined by virtue of their assignments in the organization:
Coordinator of the Institutional Repository
Liaison Representative
Representative from undergraduate education team
Other constituencies to be represented:
Regional Campus Libraries
School of Law Library
Health Center Library
Faculty (from the Provost’s Library Advisory Committee or the Faculty Research
University Research Administration
Term of Service
Team members will serve two years at which time the team will be reassessed.
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