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Rutgers University
Special Election Spring 2007 and charge for new Scholarly Communication Committee
Rutgers University Libraries' Staff Resources: Library Faculty: Special Election Spring 2007 and charge for new Scholarly Communication Committee -March 28, 2007
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Rutgers University Libraries Staff Resources:
Library Faculty:
Reorganization 2006 -(ongoing):
Special Election Spring 2007 and charge for new Scholarly
Communication Committee -March 28, 2007
The landscape of scholarly communication is changing as costs associated with traditional
scholarly publishing models have left institutional library budgets unable to keep up, at the
same time that scholars have increasingly free and rapid communication via the Internet. In
addition, technology and the Internet offer new methodologies for scholars to communicate
and publish their work. "Open" institutional and subject repositories play a key role in this
development. The Rutgers University Libraries need to "focus and integrate" their energy to
determine what role we will play in this landscape and how we will carry out our role.
After a few years of technical development of its infrastructure, our institutional repository -
RUcore -is now becoming publicly available, and we are looking forward to enriching its
content. This moment makes it especially important for RUL to determine our role in scholarly
communication within the university and academic world at large. It is now time for the
technical developers of RUcore and those who will shape the content and public outreach for
the repository to come together for its fuller development.
Charge: The charge to this committee is to assist in carrying out the goals outlined in the
Libraries Strategic Plan related to scholarly communication. These goals include:
Develop services that facilitate scholarly communication and support the research
process among researchers at Rutgers
Advocate for university and faculty participation in the open access movement to
increase the impact of our faculty's research and expand access to scholarly information
Focus the creation of digital resources on the Libraries' unique collections and on the
output of Rutgers University with an emphasis on support for the faculty research
Expand the collections both in electronic and in print to the level of our peer institutions
Leverage the liaison relationship to departments, centers, and institutes to understand
and support the development of new research methodologies in the disciplines
Initially, the following issues are of the highest priority:
the definition of "open access"
the relationship between this committee and other related existing committees
the development of services for users of and contributors to RUcore
the process of how RUcore projects will be selected
the role of collection development in new forms of scholarly communication
the liaison's role related to repository development
the liaison's role in communicating about scholarly communication trends and issues that
will affect and facilitate the work of teaching and research faculty
The work of this committee will evolve as it engages in different aspects of scholarly
communication. This does not mean, however, that it is a temporary or ad hoc committee. It
is an ongoing, dynamic committee that will give focus to our scholarly communication efforts
and generate a number of task forces or subcommittees to pursue specific issues in depth.
To capture the evolutionary nature of the committee, its work will proceed in stages the
first will be internal and involve defining RUL's scholarly communication plan. The second stage
will involve expanding the membership of the committee to include administrative, teaching,
and research faculty involved in various aspects of scholarly communication for the purpose of
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