26 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Position Staff Reports
Head, Digital Services &Scholarly Communication Four library faculty, each 100% FTE. One part-time student worker.
Program Manager, Scholarly Publishing &Licensing .6 FTE librarian. There are also ‘dotted lines’ connecting two
support staff roles to this position, but these are not direct reports:
approximately .75 FTE.
Scholarly Communications Librarian .75 FTE (student worker)
SC Leadership: Two or More Individuals in the Library (Other Than a Unit or
7. How many individuals in the library share responsibility for leading organized scholarly
communication efforts? N=13
2 individuals 4 31%
3 individuals 6 46%
Unspecified 3 23%
Position 1 Position 2 Position 3
Associate Librarian for Information
Director, Digital Resources and
Scholarly Communications Programs
Digital Repository Services Librarian Data Library Coordinator
Director, Scholarly Communications &
Instructional Support
Head of Digital Library Services
Endowed Chair for Scholarly
Coordinator, Copyright Permissions
Scholarly Communications Librarian Copyright &Digital Access Librarian
Assistant University Librarian for
Scholarly Communication, Assessment,
and Personnel
Scholarly Communication Librarian Scholarly Communication Services
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Director, University Press Director, University Copyright Office
Associate Dean for Collection and
Technology Services
Head, Digital Initiatives Director of Library Graduate and Research
Dean and Vice President for Information
Assistant Dean, Digital Library and
E-Publishing Services
Assistant Dean, Scholarly Communications
Director, Copyright and Rights
Head of Library IT Digital Services Librarian
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