SPEC Kit 332: Organization of Scholarly Communication Services · 73
Arizona State University
Collections and Scholarly Communications Office (CSCO). Specialist Senior/Contract Specialist
DATE: April 2012
DEPARTMENT: Collections and Scholarly Communication Office
TITLE: Specialist Senior/Contract Specialist
The Specialist Senior/Contract Specialist supports the electronic licensing program for the
Arizona State University (ASU) Libraries, and for the Arizona Universities Library Consortium
(AULC), a partnership providing access to electronic resources to university communities in the
state of Arizona. S/he also assists and supports contracts and rights management for the ASU
Digital Repository, a digital collection of content provided by the ASU Community and
undertakes an advisory role in the scholarly communication movement, both locally and
nationally. The Specialist Senior is a member of the Collections and Scholarly Communications
Office, and reports directly to the Chief Officer and indirectly to the Associate University
Librarian. S/he is responsible for revising, negotiating and processing contracts and advising, in
consultation with the ASU General Counsel’s Office, on copyright and fair use issues. S/he
works directly with the ASU Digital Repository Steering Committee, the Collections Selection
Committee, ASU Libraries Administration, the Scholarly Communications Librarian, and ASU
Libraries’ information providers. S/he is responsible for maintaining an understanding of rights
management and how it applies to the ASU community. Together with other library and
university personnel, s/he is also responsible for the continuous improvement and advancement
of the ASU Libraries’ strategic plan in the area of selection, scholarly communication and
repository policy.
1. The position negotiates and processes contracts and other legal documents pertaining to
the provision and use of electronic resources by the ASU Community
Reviews, revises and proactively negotiates terms and conditions of contracts between
the Arizona Board of Regents for and on behalf of Arizona State University Libraries and
domestic and foreign information providers.
Ensures that contract terms enable the provision of effective services to support the
teaching and research needs of the ASU community and proactively negotiates specific
contract clauses as appropriate.
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