SPEC Kit 332: Organization of Scholarly Communication Services · 25
The university librarian, along with faculty members interested in open access issues, provide a voice outside the library
to champion and promote various scholarly communication initiatives.
This individual is very interested in copyright and some of the other SC issues.
Other Comment
I’m not sure that our institution is really aware of this, since my position does not have “scholarly communication” in my
title. However, the office of fair practices &legal affairs and the research office are aware of this responsibility.
6. Does any library staff report to this individual to support SC services? N=17
Yes 9 53%
No 8 47%
If yes, please specify the category and FTE of the staff who support SC services and report to this
Position Staff Reports
Assistant Dean for Technical Services Head of Cataloging spends 5% of her time supporting institutional
ETD. Lead Programmer spends 5% of his time supporting
institutional repository.
Associate Dean for Collections &Technical Services A full-time library faculty member and a full-time support staff
Associate University Librarian for Collection Management
and Scholarly Communication
The Scholarly Communication and Licensing unit consists of 4FTE
librarians and 2FTE high-level support staff who contribute to
SC services. In addition, the Scholarly Communication Steering
Committee is composed of an additional 8 to 10 librarians who
devote some percentage of time of supporting SC activities. Subject
specialists and library liaisons are also beginning to get involved in
SC services the library is becoming more integrated in this regard,
and all professional staff have a role in SC activity.
Director of Collection Strategies and Scholarly
Exempt staff member, full time. Job title is Repository Coordinator:
80% of time is directed toward the institutional repository, 20% of
time is directed to collection assessment.
Head, Collections &External Relations Division 1.6 library assistants. One is a technician and the .6 position is a
lower level library assistant without a technician’s diploma.
Head, Digital Collections and Scholarly Communication
One full-time term post-MLIS resident librarian. Although they don’t
technically report to the CSCDC head, affiliates from throughout the
organization dedicate a percentage of their time to supporting SC
services: 30% e-science librarian, 10% electronic resources library
department head, 25% visual resources librarian.
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