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Scholarly Communications at UO
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Scholarly Communications at UO
Most academics engage in both teaching and research. Both are intimately
tied to communications, and in particular to the patterns of scholarly
communications that have developed over the past century. We're all familiar
with the process of faculty authors producing research articles, peer-reviewed
journals vetting the scholarship and distributing it, and libraries organizing,
archiving, and making it available to other scholars and students as the
foundation on which new knowledge is built.
This web page is focused on University of Oregon initiatives in the area of
scholarly communications, and specifically on services in support of UO
authors and editors. It reflects both support for the traditional patterns and
the evolution of new modes of scholarly communications.
We can help you!
For UO authors
Deposit your work in Scholars' Bank, the UO's institutional repository, and guarantee that it will be
accessible to a world-wide readership
Get a grant from the library to help fund OA author's fees through the OAPS fund
Find Open Access journals --consider publishing in an OA journal and take advantage of many benefits
Get consulting assistance on your publishing questions:
Avoid plagiarism and copyright infingement
Get permission to quote copyrighted works
Understand publishers' copyright transfer agreements
Use an Author's Addendum to protect your rights when you transfer copyright to a publisher
Comply with NIH Public Access Policy (for authors funded through NIH grants)
Comply with
NSF data management rules
and other funder mandates for public access to data
For UO editors and journal publishers
Get information about the new UO Libraries e-journal publishing service
Plan and edit a new electronic journal (information for editors)
For students
Grad students: Submit your doctoral dissertation electronically, and it will be automatically deposited in
Scholars' Bank, available open access to the world
Undergraduates: Submit your work to the Oregon Undergraduate Research Journal
Learn more
Learn about Open Access publishing at the UO
View online videos about Scholarly Communications and Open Access
Find further readings about Scholarly Communications more generally
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