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University of Iowa
Faculty Senate Minutes. Section V. New Business. Authors’ Rights Issues
Tuesday, October 23, 2007
3:30-5:15 pm
Senate Chamber, Old Capitol
V. New Business
Authors’ Rights Issues
(Deborah Schoenfelder, Chair, University Libraries Charter Committee)
Deb Schoenfelder, current chair of the University Libraries Charter Committee, had been
asked to appear before the Faculty Council and Senate to speak on the CIC Statement on
Publishing Agreements (attached). Professor Schoenfelder noted that the Libraries
Committee has frequently discussed scholarly publishing, although not yet this particular
document. The committee has discussed such issues as the problems and challenges of
open access journals (including their level of prestige) and institutional repositories.
University Librarian Nancy Baker has spoken to the committee about the high cost of
journals and the tight budgets in today’s academic libraries. Journals have been cut or
bundled to reduce costs. The committee will continue to monitor publishing issues.
Professor Schoenfelder stated that many of the CIC institutions had already endorsed this
Statement. It was now time for the University of Iowa to determine if it endorsed the
Senators noted that some senior faculty have tried to implement a similar type of policy
with their publishers. There was a question whether there had been any feedback from
publishers about the proposed addendum. None was known of.
Professor Ringen moved and Professor Balderston seconded that the Senate endorse the
CIC Statement on Publishing Agreements. The motion was unanimously approved.
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