74  ·  Representative Documents:  Position Descriptions
Arizona State University
Collections and Scholarly Communications Office (CSCO). Specialist Senior/Contract Specialist
Maintains a continued awareness of current movements toward the establishment of
standard national and international licensing policies/guidelines for academic research.
Corresponds routinely by telephone, e-mail or fax with publisher or vendor contract
administrators, attorneys, directors, technology specialists, sales representatives, and
customer service.
Reviews licenses for conformity to state, university, and library requirements. Mails
copies of completed license agreements, memoranda of understanding, and
acknowledgement letters to appropriate parties. Maintains accurate and organized files of
correspondence and final signed contracts. Maintains accurate license records in the
Libraries Electronic Resources Management system and communicates information to
the ASU Community as appropriate.
Consults with ASU Associate General Counsel on complex legal issues; involves the
Associate General Counsel when discussions reach impasse.
Takes independent initiative when ASU is notified that an alleged contract breech has
occurred and consults with appropriate ASU offices and departments, as well as
individuals, to correct the breech within the number of days stipulated in the license.
Scans all contracts for ease of electronic access and word search.
2. This position supports scholarly communication at ASU and in higher education
through resolution drafting, contract negotiation, and a thorough understanding of
current trends in the publishing and library industries.
Maintains a continued awareness of information pertaining to copyright law, rights
management, Arizona State laws, and all aspects of scholarly communication,
including; fair use best practices, legislation impacting universities and libraries, and
activities related to the Open Access, Open Science, and Open Data movements.
Applies, as appropriate, common academic publishing practices, such as; use of Science
Commons or other contract addenda for the retention of rights and Creative Commons
Assists with educating library staff and the university community about legal matters
regarding access of electronic resources, and current national and international scholarly
communication initiatives underway that could impact the ASU Community.
3. This position assists with rights management and other related matters that apply to
the ASU Digital Repository
Interprets publisher policies and contracts for the purpose of submitting content into the
ASU Digital Repository.
4. Provides secondary administrative support to the ASU Libraries.
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