SPEC Kit 332: Organization of Scholarly Communication Services · 35
13. Do any of the staff in this office have any special training or degree (such as licensing, copyright, or
publishing) related to their SC responsibilities? N=14
Yes 7 50%
No 7 50%
If yes, please identify the position(s) and briefly describe the training or degree.
Office Training or Degree
Academic and Scholarly Outreach The Scholarly Communications Librarian has a JD and a certificate in
copyright law.
Collections &Scholarly Communications Office Contracts Specialist has JD and/or training in licensing &copyright
Office for Copyright and Scholarly Communications Director holds a law degree.
Office of Scholarly Communication Our Copyright and Information Policy Librarian has a JD.
Research, Collections and Scholarly Communication Scholarly Communication Librarian
Scholarly Communication and Digital Library Initiatives A technical editor for our digital imprint is pursuing coursework in
Scholarly Communication Department Copyright/IP librarian holds certificates from the University of
Maryland University College for completion of levels 1 and 2 of the
Copyright Management and Leadership series.
Additional Comment
All staff have attended training and workshops, but do not have degrees beyond the masters of library &information
14. Is this office also considered the institution’s main leader for SC efforts? N=14
Yes 10 71%
No 4 29%
Answered Yes
It’s my belief that yes, this is true. I could see arguments, though, to suggest otherwise.
We are the only dedicated office on campus, but additional units in the library (copyright office, university press) and
outside the library (office of sponsored programs, online learning services) also contribute.
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