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SC Leadership: Library Office, Department, or Unit
12. Please indicate the name of the office, the title of the head of the office, to whom this position
reports, and the number of staff and total FTE in the office. N=14
Name of the Office Title of Head of the Office Head Reports To Staff FTE
Academic and Scholarly Outreach Director Libraries Dean 1 1
Centre for Scholarly Communication Director Vice Provost, Libraries and
Cultural Resources
16 14.25
Collections & Scholarly
Communications Office
Chief Officer - Collections & Scholarly
University Librarian 3 3
Digital Services Division Associate University Librarian for
Digital Services
University Librarian 11 11
Office for Copyright and Scholarly
Director University Librarian and
Vice-Provost for Library
3 2.25
Office of Digital Initiatives & Open
Associate University Librarian for
Digital Initiatives & Open Access
University Librarian 4 4
Office of Scholarly Communication Scholarly Communication and Special
Initiatives Librarian
Director of Libraries 4 4
Publishing and Curation Services Co-heads, Publishing and Curation
Associate Dean for
Research and Scholarly
5 4
Research, Collections and Scholarly
Associate Dean for Research,
Collections, & Scholarly
Dean of Libraries and
University Librarian
20 20
Scholarly Commons Co-Coordinator, Scholarly Commons Dean of Libraries 7 3
Scholarly Communication & Digital
Curation Services Department
Head of Scholarly Communication &
Digital Curation
Associate Dean for Scholarly
Communications and
6 6
Scholarly Communication and Digital
Library Initiatives
Head, Scholarly Communication Associate Dean for Scholarly
Communication and
Research Services
10 6.5
Scholarly Communication Department Associate Dean for Collection
Development and Scholarly
Dean of Libraries 4 3.5
Science Collections & Scholarly
Head, Science Collections & Scholarly
Director for Collection
3 3
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