SPEC Kit 332: Organization of Scholarly Communication Services · 63
We are weaving SC, GIS, data curation into each subject librarian’s responsibilities, with point persons whose jobs are to
be expert in each of these topics.
We could and would do more with more staff. All work has been undertaken voluntarily and without additional
recompense or reduction of other responsibilities.
We have not completed this survey because we are in transition as a result of the scholarly communication librarian
position being vacant at the moment. A review is currently underway in advance of posting the scholarly communication
We have relied on committees to advance some specific SC initiatives. For example, the Research Data Management
Services Team assisted the Digital Collections Curator in rolling out information and services to promote compliance with
NSF Data Management policy in 2011.
We now provide more specific and in-depth copyright consultation services to faculty and departments within the
With a new director, existing services have been evaluated new projects and services are being pushed aggressively to
accompany the opening of a major new library facility on the university’s Centennial Campus.
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