SPEC Kit 332: Organization of Scholarly Communication Services · 37
Office Responsibility
Scholarly Communication &Digital Curation Services
Digital curation: long-term access &preservation of digital
scholarship and research.
Scholarly Communication and Digital Library Initiatives Building digital collections and building/supporting digital library
Science Collections &Scholarly Communications Collection development for sciences and engineering.
SC Leadership: Library Team, Committee, or Task Force
16. Please indicate the name of the team, the title of the chair of the team, to whom this team reports,
and the number of team members and total FTE on the team. N=9
Name of the Team Title of Chair Team Reports to Members FTE
Committee on Scholarly
Co-chairs AUL for Collection
11 11
eScholarship Committee Digital Initiatives Librarian 12 12
Scholarly Communication and
Copyright Team
Director of the Health Center
Director’s Council at the
main campus library
9 See note 1
Institutional Repository Team Science/Technology Librarian Dean 3 3
Scholarly Communication &
Management Program
Research Librarian and
Scholarly Communication
AUL for Collections 3 0.15
Scholarly Communications Group Associate University Librarian
for Research and Outreach
University Librarian 3 .25
See note 2
Scholarly Communications
Working Group
Chair has not been named
Libraries Management Team 10 See note 3
Scholarly Publishing Committee Associate University Librarian
for Collections &Scholarly
University Librarian 10 10
The Scholarly Communications
Digital Initiatives Librarian University Librarian 9 9
Note 1. None of us are full time on this.
Note 2. I’m assuming that the FTE relates to the actual effort put forth by the team members, none of whom are engaged full time in
this work. The effort listed here reflects what might occur in a normal year.
Note 3. Unable to determine at this time.
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