SPEC Kit 332: Organization of Scholarly Communication Services · 43
University press, departments hosting journals
University press (reports to the Libraries, but is an independent unit).
University press, Undergraduate Honors Office
University press, various humanities institutes within academic departments
University Print and Mail University bookstore
Education and Outreach Activities N=29
A university-wide scholarly communication committee is responsible for informing and advising the campus. The Office
of Research also hosts workshops.
Faculty senate open access committee
General Counsel Office helps with copyright. Several academic units touched on SC issues in recent Futures papers.
Health Sciences Libraries
Institute for Teaching and Learning Excellence
Legal Services, Center for Faculty Excellence (in collaboration with the Libraries)
Office for Research
Office of Knowledge Enterprise Development
Office of Research Administration University Legal Counsel
Office of Research and Creative Activities (ORCA) college deans department chairs Copyright Licensing Office Faculty
Advisory Council
Office of Research Development and Administration
Office of Research Services
Office of Research, Academic Senate, CDL, Office of Campus Counsel
Office of Sponsored Projects departmental grant administrators Office of the General Counsel Academic computing-
instructional technologists
Office of Sponsored Research collaborating on data management plans. Copyright advice from instructional support
center and Computer Services
Office of the VP Research, Centre for Academic Leadership, Graduate Students Association
Provost’s Office, Office of General Counsel
Research Compliance Office
Research Services would be involved in funding compliance and the Office of Fair Practices &Legal Affairs with
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