44 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Sponsored Programs /University Counsel Office
Teaching and Learning Centre
Teaching Effectiveness Program (pedagogical support)
The Institute for Learning and Teaching Information Science and Technology Center
Thesis Office Institute for Digital Humanities
University press, Graduate school
University Research University Legal Counsel
Various units provide copyright guidance in some way, usually tied directly to their own service mission. Examples
include the e-learning/instructional design units in a few different colleges.
We work with Campus IT and Legal Counsel to provide education/outreach.
Hosting and Managing Digital Content N=35
Campus IT as well as divisional IT units
CDL (2 responses)
Center for Digital Libraries, Computer Science Department Institute for Digital Humanities
Colorado Water Institute
Computing Services: Research Computing
Data Visualization Lab
Departmental support faculty research service office
Departments and Schools, Provost’s office
Geography, Computer Science, Romance Languages, Graduate School (ETDs), Information Services
GIS lab is in the geography department. Data mining is in Computational Science Center. Data visualization is at the
School of Marine Science.
GIS support from Social Science Data Library (which is administratively separate from the University Libraries), data
mining and visualization from a Computing Science lab.
Graduate college (2 responses)
Humanities digital workshop does some, individual science departments do some.
Individual academic departments have IT and support staff for help with data, visualization, manuscript submission.
Individual departments and research centres (data curation), Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
Information Services &Technology
Information Technology
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