SPEC Kit 332: Organization of Scholarly Communication Services · 23
SC Leadership: Single Individual in the Library
3. Please indicate the title of this individual, to whom this position reports, and an approximate
percentage of time they devote to leading SC efforts. N=17
Position Title Position Reports To Time
Assistant Dean for Technical Services Dean 1%
Associate Dean for Collections &Technical Services Dean of Libraries
Associate University Librarian for Collection Management and
Scholarly Communication
University Librarian 50%
Associate University Librarian for Research &Instructional Services Dean of University Libraries 5%
Bibliographer AD for Collections 2%
Coordinator for Scholarly Communications Dean of Libraries 100%
Digital Services Librarian Digital Resources Library Librarian 25%
Director of Collection Strategies and Scholarly Communication Dean &University Librarian 50%
Director of Copyright &Digital Scholarship Center Associate Director for Collections &Scholarly
Director, Information Resources and Scholarly Communication Dean of University Libraries 30%
Head, Collections &External Relations Division Head, Collections &External Relations Division 20%
Head, Digital Collections and Scholarly Communication Services Dean of Libraries 50%
Head, Digital Services &Scholarly Communication AUL, User Services 80%
Program Manager, Scholarly Publishing &Licensing Associate Director for Information Resources 90%
Scholarly Communication Librarian Assistant University Librarian, Access Services 90%
Scholarly Communication Officer Associate University Librarian for Collections and
Scholarly Communications Librarian University Librarian 100%
4. Does this individual have any special training or degree (such as licensing, copyright, or publishing)
related to their SC responsibilities? N=17
Yes 8 47%
No 9 53%
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