SPEC Kit 332: Organization of Scholarly Communication Services · 31
9. Do any of these individuals have any special training or degree (such as licensing, copyright, or
publishing) related to their SC responsibilities? N=13
Yes 8 62%
No 5 38%
If yes, please briefly describe the training or degree. N=8
Position Training or Degree
Associate Dean for Collection and Technology Services Licensing and copyright: special training
Associate Librarian for Information Resources Workshops in licensing, copyright, and publishing
Copyright &Digital Access Librarian Law degree, workshops, reading
Digital Scholarly Publishing Officer Publishing
Director of Library Graduate and Research Services Copyright: special training
Director, University Copyright Office Law degree
Director, Copyright and Rights Management Copyright management certification
Director, Digital Resources and Scholarly Communications
Workshops in licensing, copyright, and publishing
Endowed Chair for Scholarly Communications JD
Head, Copyright Support Services JD
Head, Digital Initiatives Technical training for IR
Scholarly Communications Librarian Licensing, copyright (JD)
Scholarly Communications Librarian Various workshops ARL and other reading, participating
in national discussions
10. Are these positions also considered the institution’s main leaders for SC efforts? N=11
Yes 9 82%
No 2 18%
Answered Yes
Additional partners in SC efforts include the copyright licensing office, which hosts institution’s most comprehensive
resources on author rights.
Libraries leads scholarly communications efforts for campus.
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