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Arizona State University
Collections and Scholarly Communications Office (CSCO). Chief Officer
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DATE: January 2011
COLLEGE: University Libraries, Arizona State University
DEPARTMENT: Collections and Scholarly Communications Office (CSCO)
TITLE: Chief Officer
POSITION SUMMARY: Reporting to the Associate University Librarian, the Chief Officer is
responsible for overall management and policy guidance in the Office of Collections and
Scholarly Communication, and the Preservation Department for the Arizona State University
Libraries. S/he provides leadership for the selection, licensing, management and preservation of
print and electronic resources. S/he provides leadership in consortial and cooperative activities
that include collections and scholarly communication. S/he is responsible for hiring, training and
evaluating CSCO and Preservation personnel and for contributing to general administrative
decision-making and library leadership through committee and policy work. The Chief Officer
projects, coordinates and manages the information resources budget. S/he supervises and
coordinates the work of the Libraries’ area specialists, and monitors the gifts and donations
program. S/he facilitates the transition to a digital-preferred collection in support of teaching,
learning and research. S/he helps develop and promote sustainable models of scholarly
communication, and initiates innovative approaches to collection assessment, data gathering, and
Maintains a broad understanding of Arizona State University’s teaching, learning and research
programs and initiatives, and its academic goals and plans, to ensure that collections meet faculty
and students needs.
Provides strong and visionary leadership for library-wide collection development practices,
preservation, and collection digital initiatives.
Monitors and keeps current, at the national and international levels, information and
developments related to collection management, cooperative collection development, scholarly
communication, publisher business models, digital content, licensing, and the information
resources legal environment recommends, for consideration, leading edge programs for ASU
Libraries’ participation.
Works within a shared administrative structure to facilitate the ASU Libraries collection-building
and access functions develops policies and initiates programs to fulfill user collections and
access needs.
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