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University of Washington
Charge for the Scholarly Communication Steering Committee
The charge for the Scholarly Communications Steering Committee (SCSC).
UW Libraries Scholarly Communication Steering Committee
Revised Jan. 8th, 2009
The system of scholarly communication is a complex matrix of intellectual property, publishing practices and
economics, legislative action, technological developments, and academic expectations for tenure, promotion,
research, and publication. Scholarly communication has become an increasing concern of the Libraries and the
University administration as it is apparent that the Libraries' ability to acquire and provide access to information
is intimately tied to the healthy functioning and interplay of the elements within this system. To support the
Libraries' role in the system and to be a proactive agent in facilitating change, the Scholarly Communication
Steering Committee has been established.
Develop strategies and actions, set timelines, and determine outcomes that will advance the Libraries
efforts to facilitate change.
Track local, national, and international developments within the broad area of scholarly
Coordinate the Libraries’ educative efforts in the area of scholarly communication. Stimulate discussion,
generate supporting material and develop venues for communication and education.
Seek collaborative ventures internally and with other institutions.
Explore and identify possible high impact initiatives that the Libraries could either launch or support,
such as the establishment of a competitive scholarly electronic journal, participation in an open archive
project or the creation of an institutional repository.
Identify potential faculty partnerships for demonstrations/discussions of alternatives to traditional
scholarly communication venues with an eye towards implementing local experiments.
Advise the Director, Information Services and Scholarly Communication on actions and initiatives that
should be taken and resources needed.
Establish working groups as necessary to carry out the work of the Committee.
Consult broadly with individuals, groups, and units as needed.
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