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University of Virginia
Revised Resolution on Open Access and Scholarship
Revised Resolution on Open Access and Scholarship
Prepared by the Senate Task Force on Scholarly Publications and Authors’ Rights
WHEREAS: According to the constitution and by-laws of the Faculty Senate of the
University of Virginia: “The Faculty Senate represents all faculties of the University with
respect to all academic functions such as the establishment and termination of degree
programs, major modifications of requirements for existing degrees, and action affecting
all faculties, or more than one faculty, of the University and
WHEREAS: In the interest of preserving its historical commitment to producing and
disseminating knowledge in the public interest, the Faculty Senate of the University of
Virginia is dedicated to making the research and scholarship of the faculty of the
University of Virginia as widely available as possible.
NOW THEREFORE the Faculty Senate of the University of Virginia hereby adopts
and endorses the following policy relating to copyrights in scholarly articles
authored by the faculty and encourages the development of an open access program
for the University as provided below:
Each Faculty member at the University of Virginia is encouraged to reserve a
nonexclusive, irrevocable, non-commercial, global license to exercise any and all rights
under copyright relating to each of her or his scholarly articles, in any medium, and to
authorize others to do the same. To enable public access to and preservation of scholarly
articles, each faculty member is encouraged to provide an electronic version of the article
as to which the necessary rights have been retained, to the University Library for deposit
in a repository at such time as the Library might make such services available to faculty.
The University Library’s continued development of a digital repository for the University
is strongly endorsed. The University Library is encouraged to enable deposit of faculty
works for which sufficient rights have been retained in the repository and to continue to
offer information services relating to author’s rights and copyright to University faculty
in support of open access.
The Senate shall continue the existence of the Task Force on Scholarly Publications and
Authors’ Rights to monitor developments in scholarly licensing practices and copyright
law, to work with the Library and faculty to develop a useful and easily managed
scholarly repository for faculty scholarship, and to report to the Senate each year on the
progress of this Resolution. The Task Force shall continue until such time as, in the
judgment of the Executive Council of the Faculty Senate, the continuation of the Task
Force is no longer useful.
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