38 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
17. Please list the library departments that are represented on the team. N=7
Team Departments Represented
Committee on Scholarly Communication Scholarly Communication Center, Planning &Organizational
Research, Special Collections, Technical and Automated Services,
disciplinary representation from Research and Instructional
eScholarship Committee Digital Initiatives, Health Sciences Library and Information Center,
eResources, Office of the VP for Research, University Press, Law
School Library.
Scholarly Communication and Copyright Team Health Center Director, Health Center Collection Development,
Health Center Reference Law School Reference Main Campus IR
Coordinator, Main Campus Digital Preservation Librarian, Main
Campus Science Librarian (2) Regional Campus Director.
Institutional Repository Team Collections, Electronic resources, Information services.
Scholarly Communications Working Group Metadata Services, Libraries IT, Scholarly Resource Development
(Collection Development), Arts &Humanities, Social Sciences,
Sciences, Archives &Special Collections.
Scholarly Publishing Committee Digital Publishing &Scholarship, Collection Management,
Reference &Instruction, Branch Libraries, Administration.
The Scholarly Communications Committee Bibliographic Services Science &Engineering Library Law School
Library Sound and Moving Image Library Reference University
Librarian’s Office.
18. Does this team include any members other than librarians or other library staff? N=9
Yes 1 11%
No 8 89%
If yes, please identify the other members of the team (for example, administrators, faculty, non-
faculty researchers, university press staff, students).
eScholarship Committee: Administrators, university press staff
19. Do any of the team members have any special training or degree (such as licensing, copyright, or
publishing) related to their SC responsibilities? N=9
Yes 4 44%
No 5 56%
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