46 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Institute for Teaching and Learning Excellence
Institute for the Arts and Humanities, Renaissance Computing Institute
Library has an active multi-media unit, but they are not necessarily (or exclusively) tasked with SC responsibilities. Other
units: University Technology Transfer.
Office of Communications, Marketing and Interactive Design
Office of General Counsel Office of Vice Provost for Research
Office of Information Technology
Office of Institutional Research, Academic Departments (such as Comparative Media Studies, Media Arts &Sciences)
Technology Licensing Office
Office of Knowledge Enterprise Development
Office of Research Development and Administration, Center for Teaching Excellence
Office of Research University Press (at the university system level, not part of the local campus)
Office of Sponsored Programs Online Learning Services
Office of Sponsored Research
Office of Vice Chancellor for Research, Office of Technology Management
Office of Research, Digital Humanities and CDL
Office of Research Support, Office of Licensing and Ventures
Research Services, Office of Vice President (Research), Faculty of Graduate Studies
Schools &Colleges (multimedia production), Technology Transfer (patent), VP for Research
Teaching and Learning with Technology, a division of the campus Information Technology Services, provides the “Media
Commons” service centers for video/audio production. College of Liberal Arts has hired one staff member to support
digital humanities, but duties are not clear.
Tech Transfer Office, Provost Office, individual academic units
The Center for Commercialization (“C4C”) provides patent search services and advice.
The Office of Research assesses research impact.
The Technology Transfer Office as part of the research administration works with patent applications and research.
Units with colleges offer support, as well as central academic computing
University bookstore
University ITS (multimedia) Humanities Initiative (digital humanities) Office of General Counsel (patent) Office of
Industrial Liaison (patent)
University Research Assessment individual department/college
Various humanities institutes University IT Office of Research Administration
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