20 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Scholarly Communication Leadership
1. Is your library or institution involved in scholarly communication services as described in the
introduction? N=60
Yes 56 93%
No 4 7%
2. Please select one option below that best describes who has primary responsibility for leading
organized scholarly communication (SC) efforts (such as developing services, fielding questions,
and/or planning policies) at your institution. N=56
A single individual in the library 17 30%
Two or more individuals in the library (other than a unit or team) 13 23%
A library office, department, or unit 14 25%
A library team, committee, or task force 9 16%
An individual, unit, or group outside the library has leadership responsibility
No single individual or group has leadership responsibility 3 5%
Please enter any comments you have about which individual or group has primary responsibility
for leading organized scholarly communication (SC) efforts at your institution. N=27
Single Individual
As the individual with primary responsibility for SC, it should be noted that I have as well other responsibilities for
collections management.
Assistant Dean for Technical Services
Having one primary person is a very recent development. Before this person started we had the scholarly communication
efforts primarily in the hands of a library committee.
Head, Digital Services &Scholarly Communication
Our SC efforts are led and overseen by the AUL for collection management and scholarly communication, who chairs
a library-based committee that assists in the organization and sponsorship of SC activities in the library and on the
campus. She also supervises a library department that is responsible for SC-related outreach and education.
The copyright and related legal issues are led by the director of the copyright &digital scholarship center. Other issues
(e-science, repository, etc.) are led by stakeholders with relevant expertise.
The dean of libraries assigned responsibility for SC efforts to the associate university librarian for research and
instructional services. He enlists others as needed to support different activities. The associate university librarian and
dean of libraries consulted the provost in establishing a university committee to assist in leading the effort.
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