42 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
The office of fair practices and legal affairs are involved with advising faculty and graduate students regarding copyright,
in particular use of previously published materials, in their online publications.
The office of general counsel advises on SC matters, writes white papers on legal issues related to SC issues, and
routinely supports faculty committees and the libraries in these areas. The office of institutional research gathers and
analyzes data related to many SC activities, including publications. The office of sponsored programs acts as the main
resource for faculty in relation to their research grants, though they refer specific details of NIH compliance (such as PMC
IDs) to the Libraries. Individual departments in some cases provide administrative support for depositing working papers
into the institutional repository. Some departments/schools have been exploring methods of showcasing/identifying
faculty research using custom or proprietary tools, usually in consultation with the Libraries.
The university press provides open educational resources.
University counsel provides other services.
University research foundation manages application of patents.
Varies by department, very decentralized university.
22. If you indicated that any of the SC services above are offered elsewhere in the institution, please
identify the departments, offices, or units that offer the services. N=43
Campus-based Publishing N=25
California Digital Library (CDL) (2 responses)
Campus IT does iPad app development with faculty.
Information technology
Instructional technologists
Not done library will do within next 18 months.
Office of Information Technology
Other units have hosted their own OJS instances.
Our radiology department hosts an open access journal in that discipline.
Several academic units house journal editors or editing units of journals.
Specific campus departments (for their own faculty)
The college of communications, college of engineering, and possibly others host a couple of faculty-edited journals.
The faculty of law has a new journal that will provide open access to articles as published. The university press is making
its books available online through commercial vendors.
University bookstore
University press (4 responses)
University press (journals and conference proceedings) Business school (OA journal) Law library
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