SPEC Kit 332: Organization of Scholarly Communication Services · 97
University of Connecticut
Scholarly Communications/Copyright Team
University of Connecticut Libraries
Scholarly Communications /Copyright Team
The Scholarly Communications /Copyright Team is charged to promote awareness across the
university system among librarians, faculty, staff, and students of scholarly communication
issues and trends, including new directions in scholarly publishing and communication to
provide services and tools that will help the community members understand the implications of
copyright compliance in the digital age to assist community members in locating alternative
publication venues and to articulate ongoing efforts to foster a healthier scholarly
communication environment.
To this end the team will
Develop programs that promote awareness of scholarly communication trends and issues
Develop and maintain informational websites on scholarly communication and copyright
issues for the university community
Develop an educational campaign for the university community on the significance of
author copyright in the digital age
Promote awareness and facilitate usage of alternative publishing models such as open
access. Encourage official statements in support of open access publication models
Lobby for the establishment of new service positions for the university, such as
Intellectual Property Officer or Scholarly Communications Officer
Facilitate and participate in regional and national scholarly communication initiatives
Coordinate scholarly communication initiatives among all university campuses including
Storrs, the Health Center, the Law School, and the Regional Campuses.
The team will seek advice from university administrators and faculty on transitioning the scholarly
communication program from a library-based initiative to a university-based initiative.
The Scholarly Communications /Copyright Team will work closely and in coordination with the
Libraries’ Institutional Repository Team, Health Center Library, the Law School Library and
University Research Administration.
Team documents intended for use by library staff will be available on the library’s intranet or public
web site.
Questions from within UConn faculty, staff, or students can be posed to any team member. That
member can ask the ScholCom listserv for input from the team if desired. However, the response
would still be from the individual team member. A log of questions and answers will be posted on
Sharepoint for team use by the team recorder.
Questions from outside the University of Connecticut will be answered using a stock answer that points
people to helpful web resources.
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