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Scholarly Communication
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Scholarly Communication
Scholarly Communication includes all of the methods used by scholars to share their research for the purposes of
teaching, publication, performance, and new knowledge generation. Stakeholders in scholarly communication include
authors, faculty, librarians, students, publishers, funding agencies, legal experts, administrators and local, regional, and
global scholarly communities.
The mission of the Unit for Research, Collections, and Scholarly Communication is to improve the creation, collection,
organization, dissemination, and long-term preservation of the scholarly and cultural record, by:
Creating improved services for research and discovery
Strengthening relationships among the SU research, performing, and teaching &learning communities
Promoting open discussion of scholarly needs, methods, interests, and goals
Increasing the visibility, findability, and long-term preservation of SU scholarship in all its forms and formats
Promoting Open Access resources and models of publishing in order to help Syracuse scholars reach a wider audience and
place their scholarship into action
Tracking teaching and research activities, as well as current publishing and communication trends of SU researchers, to
inform collection building and services
Investigating economic developments of the publishing, funding, and higher education communities
Maximizing the efficient use of collection funds on materials of the greatest scholarly value to Syracuse University
As a unit, we are interested in not only peer-reviewed written documents summarizing research or teaching projects,
but also videos, music, working drafts, conference papers, patents, standards, performances, learning objects, scores,
technical reports, and presentations, as well as any other representation of creative scholarly endeavor.
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