SPEC Kit 332: Organization of Scholarly Communication Services · 101
University of Iowa
Scholarly Publishing Committee
Scholarly Publishing Committee
Plan, design and oversee the implementation of a program of staff education, outreach to faculty and students, and
other activities to promote positive change in scholarly publishing and communication.
1. Plan and deliver ongoing programs to enhance and deepen the awareness and understanding of library
staff, especially liaisons, about the problems, issues and activities that relate to scholarly communication
and to develop the skills and knowledge to engage users in dealing with scholarly communication issues.
Provide tools and resources to assist in this work.
2. Plan and implement, through liaisons and other staff, an effective program of outreach to faculty,
graduate students and other researchers on campus. The program should include, but not be limited to:
o education about management of author's intellectual property rights
o outreach to identify and help harvest content for IRO and develop understanding and support
among faculty for this effort
o support for faculty, graduate students and other researchers who are seeking to develop
alternative ways of using information resources to conduct research and disseminate results
o fostering dialogue with faculty and students about scholarly communication issues in order to
better understand the developing environments on campus and the changing patterns of
scholarly activity among different user communities and
o continuation of efforts to raise awareness of the effects of concentration of publishing in
commercial operations and the pricing behavior of both commercial and some non-commercial
Membership: 10 members, two ex officio, and eight drawn from the ranks of collection management or user
services liaisons, digital services staff, and members of other units as appropriate.
Member Selection and Term: As needed, the Chair puts out a call for volunteers. New members will be
appointed by the Administrative Liaison in consultation with the Chair. Appointments will be made to ensure broad
representation from throughout the University Libraries. Members serve three-year terms, which are renewable for
up to two consecutive terms. Terms will be staggered to maintain a level of consistency on the committee. Priority
consideration in selection will be given to new applicants.
Committee Authority: Major, system-wide projects and policies must be approved by the Admin Group. Other
projects, programs and activities are determined at committee
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