32 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Perhaps not clear. Health sciences library might beg to differ, however, as they provide leadership to the health sciences
units on campus. There is no conflict in this arrangement, but it’s hard to say who the “main leaders” are.
Yes, informally, but library dean plays a spokesperson role.
Answered No
Other individuals, offices, and departments are also involved in SC efforts, notably the office of sponsored research, the
center for new design in learning and scholarship, the digital media committee, and university information services.
11. Does any library staff report to these individuals to support SC services? N=13
Yes 10 77%
No 3 23%
If yes, please specify the category and FTE of the staff who support SC services and report to these
individuals. N=10
Position Staff Reports
Associate Librarian for Information Resources Librarian (1 FTE)
Director, Digital Resources and Scholarly Communications Programs None
Position Staff Reports
Digital Repository Services Librarian Data Librarian (1.0 FTE)
Data Library Coordinator Non-professional staff assistant (1.0 FTE)
Position Staff Reports
Director, Scholarly Communications &Instructional Support
Head, Digital Library Services Department Support Specialist (.75 FTE)
Position Staff Reports
Assistant University Librarian for Scholarly Communication,
Assessment, and Personnel
Student employee (.30 FTE)
Scholarly Communication Librarian Student employee (.30 FTE)
Scholarly Communication Services Manager
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