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Publishing and Curation Services
Publishing and Curation Services
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Publishing and Curation Services
Publishing and Curation Services helps researchers to
create new publications, to distribute their papers,
presentations, publications, datasets or other creations to
a worldwide audience, and to comply with policies that
require and encourage public access. We offer guidance on
copyright, author rights, open access, and management of
research data. We also work with faculty, students, and
other library departments to organize, maintain, and
preserve the data and research of the Penn State
We invite you to learn more about our department and
hope you will let us know how we can serve your needs!
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Contact Information
You can visit us on the third floor of the West Pattee
Library Tower, or contact us via email or phone.
Linda Friend, Head, Scholarly Publishing Services |814-
Patricia Hswe, Digital Content Strategist and Head,
ScholarSphere User Services |814-865-6702
Patricia Gael, Graduate Assistant, Publishing and
Curation Services
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