84 · SPEC Kit 297
University of Florida
||---Copy Cataloging Unit
||Doug Smith
||---Science &Social Science Unit
||Jimmie Lundgren
||---Humanities &Special Collections Unit
||---Authorities &Metadata Quality Unit
||Priscilla Williams
|||---Digital Projects Metadata Librarian
||Haiyun Cao
||---Principal Serials Cataloger
|Naomi Young
|---Digital Library Center (Department Organizational Chart)
|Erich Kesse, Chair
||---Collections Liaison, Stephanie Haas
||---Copy Control, Nelda Schwartz
||---Imaging, Randall Renner
||---Quality Control, Jen Pen
||---Text Processing, James Clifton
|---Preservation Department
Cathy Martyniak, Chair
|---Conservation Unit
|John Freund
|---Binding Unit
Robert Parker
Public Services Division
Carol Turner --------------|---Humanities and Social Science Services
Associate Director |Leilani Freund, Chair
||---HSS Reference Unit
||Colleen Seale, Assistant Chair
||---Architecture/Fine Arts Library
||Ann Lindell, Head
||---Education Library
||Iona Malanchuk, Head
||---Journalism Library
|Patrick Reakes, Head
|---------Music Library
|Robena Cornwell, Head
|---Access Services Department
|Lori Driscoll, Chair
||---Library West Circulation and Retrieval Services
||---Electronic Reserve and Copyright Clearance
||---Storage and Collection Planning Services
||Benjamin Walker, Assistant Chair
||---Interlibrary Loan Office
|Michelle Foss, Head
|---Government Documents Department
|Jan Swanbeck, Chair
||---Map &Imagery Library
||Carol McAuliffe, Head
||---Geographic Information Services Unit
|Joe Aufmuth
|---Marston Science Library
Carol Drum, Chair
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