60 · SPEC Kit 297
“We may be called in to a monthly meeting if there is a desire by two different units, one being the library, to
be the principal liaison with a major donor. The tie breaker is central development. We train with other DODs,
Assoc DODs and Assist DODs.”
“With other unit development directors and Asst Vice Chancellor for Advancement rarely.”
“All appropriate staff at the Foundation.”
“All campus directors of development. Group meets at least monthly.”
“All staff who manage and/or are assigned a prospect attend strategy meetings which are held when
“As a member of the Principal Gifts Office, the LDO regularly participates with that office in strategy
“Director and ADO once a month.”
“Held once a week dean, assoc. dean of development, LDO, PR Officer, and dean assistants.”
“LDO, staff from University Advancement as needed.”
“Meet biweekly with other development officers from across campus both faculty-based and from central
“The LDO, all CDOs, and the University Development Team.”
“This is a golden opportunity for LDO to outreach donors who might have multiple interests in their giving.”
“We meet monthly in small groups of development officers from around campus.”
“When the Libraries has an interest in a donor we are at the table. Strategy sessions are held as needed.”
“Whoever is the process manager, whether it be me or another unit staff member, is responsible for calling
‘team meetings’ and inviting each member of the team. Any fundraiser can become a member of the team for
any prospect, if there is evidence that the prospect has an interest in his or her unit. Meetings are held on an
as needed basis.”
27. Is the library director invited to participate in interdivisional strategy meetings about major
prospects? N=76
Occasionally 43 57%
Always 13 17%
Never 20 26%
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