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15. Is the chief LDO a member of the library director’s executive cabinet or similar group? N=78
Yes 34 44%
No 44 56%
Selected Comments from Respondents
“The LDO meets weekly with the library director and AUL. She meets monthly or as needed with the Senior
Administrative Group.”
“Administrative Council.”
“Member of the Libraries Management Advisory Committee.”
“Senior staff comprises department heads and directors of libraries in central library system.”
“Reports to the university librarian’s office.”
“LDO meets weekly with university librarian and an assistant to the university librarian who has responsibility
for library donor relations.”
“Is not a member of the Administrative Cabinet made up of dean, associate deans, information technology
officer, head of business services, and head of human resources.”
“The chief LDO is a member of a secondary governing group called Library Council.”
“The LDO is a member of the executive staff committee of the Vice Provost Libraries, Computing &
“Occasional participant.”
“Is a member of the Library Council.”
“Attends occasional meetings.”
“Is frequently invited to report to this group.”
“The development officer’s supervisor is a member of that group.”
“The libraries have a Library Development Committee which consists of the LDO, dean, associate dean
for collections, head of special collections, director of communications, and other library staff. The Library
Development committee is not the executive cabinet.”
“Is not a library employee.”
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