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28. Is the library included on general institution direct mail appeals as a possible gift designation?
Occasionally 10 13%
Always 32 40%
Never 37 47%
Selected Comments from Respondents
“Annually, the libraries will be included as a ‘check-off’ box on some of the university’s mailings.”
“Direct mail is faculty based and the library is not always included.”
“General institutional appeals include the donor’s last gift, so if someone gave to the libraries, it is included as
a designation.”
“Inclusion on university direct mail appeals is based on donors giving history. If the donor has given to the
libraries in the past, the libraries will appear as a giving option.”
“Is included in various mailings, including faculty/staff campaign.”
“Library often offered as an option for giving if the donor declines the opportunity to give when mailed
regarding another division.”
“Not always different appeals at different times of the year.”
“On a case-by-case basis at the decision of the foundation’s Annual Giving Director.”
“Our alumni association who does the university’s annual fund, has the library as a possible gift designation.”
“Some areas use a universal reply card that includes multiple institutional designations (including the library),
but not all areas comply with this.”
“A better response would be ‘most of the time it depends on the purpose of the direct mail appeal.”
“Essential to libraries’ development success!”
“Except for targeted appeals for another area of the university.”
“Over the past five or six years we have been included on the annual fund direct mail as an alternative to the
general university. After the first year, the deans insisted that if the library was listed on the annual fund, then
the college had to be listed for the alums of that college. So we are now listed on the annual fund after the
general university and in competition with the college of the particular alumni to whom the appeal is directed.
We get very few donations.”
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