58 · SPEC Kit 297
progress. For example, we are in the quiet phase of an upcoming campaign and the library is in the forefront
this time. All the academic colleges are required to raise a certain percentage for the library as well as the
library being featured as its own in the campaign.”
25. Who is assigned as staff liaison/manager/relationship coordinator for prospects who have an
interest in the library? N=79
Library development officer 70 88%
Library director 4 5%
Institution’s development officer 2 3%
Other 3 4%
Please explain other position.
Selected Comments from Respondents
“Library development officer AND institution’s development officer. Tracked prospects with library interest are
assigned to an individual giving officer. Others with library interest are assigned to LDO.”
“Library director and library development officer.”
“All of the above depending on the situation.”
26. Is the chief LDO invited to participate in interdivisional strategy meetings about major
prospects? N=76
Occasionally 44 58%
Always 29 38%
Never 3 4%
If always or occasionally, who attends these meetings and how often are they held?
Selected Comments from Respondents
“Advancement staff weekly.”
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