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University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Although the Library does not provide appraisals of gifts in kind,
the University does require an inventory of all gifts that are
accepted for our collection, including an assessment of the value
of the gift. For the many gifts that come to the Library in small lots,
the Library Business Office uses a formula annually to account for
the added value to the Library collections. For gifts that require a
Deed of Gift, the AUL for Collections, in consultation with subject
specialists, supplies an approximate assessed value.
In most circumstances, donors are responsible for sending gifts to
the Library. In certain cases, the Library will pay for packing and
shipping of gift items. These arrangements should be made
through the Library Business Office, which works with the campus
to identify the most cost-efficient and effective carrier for the
donation. The AUL for Collections and the Rare Book and Special
Collections Librarian can advise on situations when these costs
should be borne by the Library.
Regardless of the size of the gift, it is the responsibility of the
librarian working with a donor to advise him or her that any
material not added to the collection may be placed in the library
book sale, sold to dealers, shared with other state university
libraries, or otherwise disposed of. Selectors should not agree to
return donations that are not selected by the Library, nor should
they agree to add items to the collection without consultation with
the subject librarian. The University Archives is the exception to
this rule, where donors are routinely told asked to indicate whether
items should be disposed of or returned.
Donors are to be sent written acknowledgements in a timely
fashion, unless they specifically request that no acknowledgement
be made. Donors frequently use acknowledgements for tax
purposes this expectation along with the development of good
donor relations requires that acknowledgements be made as soon
as possible after a gift is received. For smaller gifts, the subject
librarian or receiving unit may use the Gifts Receipt form to provide
written documentation for the donor as well as the Library. The
subject librarian may also choose to write an acknowledgement
letter containing the same kind of information that is found on the
form, including a listing or count of the donation, the date the items
were received, information about the possible disposition of the
material, and income tax issues. Acknowledgements should
include a description of the material that has been donated,
including quantity. The Office of the Director of Development and
Public Affairs must be notified of all gifts accepted, and given a
copy of any acknowledgement letters, as well as details of any
agreements made with the donors. It is not necessary to provide
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