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If always or occasionally, who attends these meetings and how often are they held?
Selected Comments from Respondents
“Again, varies on prospect.”
“Average of 4 times per year.”
“Bimonthly meetings with Advancement Vice President, members of the institution’s development staff, and
“Capital giving officers, including planned giving officers, LDO, library director, occasionally subject matter
expert from library or faculty.”
“Dean may be asked to participate for presidential donors or when her input is required.”
“During university-wide campaigns, once or twice per semester.”
“Library Director and sometimes the Chief LDO but only when the prospects have a library interest.”
“Library director is called upon when leadership gifts are being solicited (circa 250K and above).”
“Meetings are held on a per need basis.”
“Not very often, unless the ask is imminent.”
“Only if library director is going to be part of the future meetings/asks.”
“Other development directors, foundation president, held as needed.”
“Our dean of libraries is invited to development meetings when all other deans are invited.”
“The dean may meet with other deans or central development if there is a strategy session.”
“The prospect’s individual giving officer, the LDO, and others with knowledge about the prospect who can add
to strategy development.”
“The university librarian and library development officer attend meetings when the potential gift is over $1M.”
“When there is a major individual/corporate prospect who has interests in more than one unit on campus.”
“All development directors, monthly.”
“Held once a week dean, assoc. dean of development, LDO, PR Officer, and dean assistants.“
“University librarian and ADO once a month.”
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