54 · SPEC Kit 297
“AVP-Schools and Colleges library director and AUL.”
“Central Development Department director conducts review with input from dean.”
“Combo of PR officer (supervisor), library dean, and associate dean of development.”
“Dean &Director of Libraries and VP for Development.”
“Dean and Central Development supervisor.”
“Deputy Associate Chancellor for Development and university librarian.”
“Development department director consults with library director to prepare evaluation.”
“Development director in consultation with library director.”
“DOL &Foundation AVP do joint evaluation.”
“Evaluated by the Dean of Libraries and the VP for Development.”
“Evaluation conducted by library director and university development.”
“Executive Director of Constituent Development, with input from Dean of Libraries and Dean of Honors
“Institution director consults with library director and DO, then prepares evaluation.”
“Institution’s development &library director.”
“Institution’s development department director with input from Dean of Libraries.”
“Library director and Vice Provost.”
“Library director and development.”
“Library dean and Development VP.”
“Library Dean and Vice President of the University Foundation.”
“Library dean with advancement.”
“Library director &I A Supervisor.”
“Library director &institution’s Head of Development.”
“Library director and Associate Vice Chancellor for Development—University Programs.”
“Library director and AVP in Central Development.”
“Library director and foundation development director.”
“Library director and university foundation executive director for development.”
“Library director receives information from the DOD.”
“Library director with input from the university’s Campaign Director.”
“Library director, Institutional development department director.”
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