Library Development · 57
“Library is considered secondary to the schools and colleges.”
“Library values as a priority and seems on lower footing with other colleges at current time.”
“Most rich prospects and alumni have been assigned to individual college. Library fundraising has never
considered as institutional priority.”
“Not major priority, not even the top three of priorities.”
“Potential donors and prospects severely limited by institutional advancement.”
“School-based LDO have prospects assigned based on SEC holdings and other qualifications. Undergraduate
degree is preference. Library gets 2nd ask or has to ‘find’ their own prospects.”
“The hybrid advancement model assigns all alumni to the school or college that they graduated from. The
library has had to identify its best prospects and convince schools and colleges that partnering with us will
maximize potential donor support of the university. The university has been only modestly supportive of our
library’s development efforts.”
“The image has improved, greatly, over the last 9 years, but there is still the stigma of not having an alumni
base re: perception of ability to raise multi-million dollar gifts from individuals.”
“The libraries are offered fewer prospects.”
“The library does not have an established donor base of its own.”
“The library has a very strong position, but is not equal to major schools.”
“The library is equal to many of the other colleges and schools within the institution but there are several
which receive higher priority.”
“The library must gain clearance from school development officers in almost all cases before contacting a
donor or prospect.”
“The university priority is graduate studies.”
“Theoretically yes, but library does not have automatic access to university alumni.”
“There has been a history of libraries taking the backseat in fundraising, which is now changing with the
libraries’ increased profile on campus and success in fund raising and innovative programming. Theoretically,
libraries are on par with other units.”
“University priorities, and colleges with alumni take precedence.”
“Very limited access to alumni.”
“We are unable to access faculty graduates.”
“We are working towards that end, but we are not there yet.”
“We have a more limited pool of prospects however, we are seen as a middle tier unit. We are equal to the
smaller programs on campus—journalism, optometry, etc.”
“I wouldn’t say it is quite equal now but has improved over the last 10 years and has made remarkable
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