48 · SPEC Kit 297
If Yes, Minimum Dollar Amount N=32
N Minimum Maximum Mean Median Std Dev
Sign letters of correspondence 25 1 100,000 10,593 500 28,670
Presenting proposal 12 5,000 500,000 113,750 50,000 148,433
Closing a gift 10 5,000 500,000 81,500 25,000 149,519
Prospect strategy sessions 9 5,000 100,000 40,000 25,000 36,228
Initiate phone calls 9 5,000 500,000 110,000 25,000 165,114
Prospect meetings 5 5,000 50,000 31,000 25,000 19,170
19. Does the library director participate in fundraising calls without the presence of the chief LDO
or other fundraising staff member? N=79
Yes 60 76%
No 19 24%
Selected Comments from Respondents
“But only occasionally and usually these are stewardship calls or calls that take advantage of the director’s
professional travel to a city where we have donors.”
“But rarely.”
“Generally, the occasions are arranged by the LDO.”
“If the dean has known the people or they have talked to her about a large gift, she will visit them. Also, if
there is a new prospect the dean will call or visit if deemed important.”
“Just depends on the circumstances.”
“Not usually, but in certain circumstances.”
“Occasionally, but not often.”
“Occasionally, depends upon donor and nature of gift usually gifts of collections.”
“Only if the LDO cannot attend and the call cannot be rescheduled, but not in the ordinary course of events.”
“Only if there is a personal relationship with prospect and it is the first meeting to gauge interest.”
“Only with long time supporters with whom she has a close personal relationship.”
“Our dean has already been active meeting and cultivating prospects whom the CDO does not have access
“Sometimes when traveling.”
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