Library Development · 47
donor events or 2–3 day trips to visit donors.”
“We have a new dean who expects to engage fully in fundraising for the library. The amount of time she will
be dedicating to this is still undetermined.”
18. Please indicate if there is a minimum dollar amount expected before the library director
participates in any of the following activities. If there is a minimum amount, please enter the
amount. If the library director does not participate in the activity, check NA (not applicable).
Sign letters of correspondence (including electronic communications) 26 44 3
Presenting proposal 15 52 6
Closing a gift 14 53 6
Prospect strategy sessions 11 57 5
Initiate phone calls to donor prospects 11 55 7
Prospect meetings 6 58 9
Other activities 6 26
Please describe other activities.
Selected Comments from Respondents
“Birthday, anniversary, and memorial gifts.”
“Development meetings with other units on campus, special events, public programs.”
“Friends activities.”
“Hosting or attendance at library development events.”
“Interaction with advisory council and selected donors and prospects, as requested by development
department or library advancement officer.”
“Special events with university for donor cultivation.”
“Visit with potential donors at library functions and donor-hosted functions.”
“Volunteer boards.”
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