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Library Staff Site Organization Chart Organization Chart
Director of Libraries
Dale B. Canelas --------|---Collection Management Division
|John Ingram, Deputy Director
|---Technology Services Division
|Michele Crump, Interim Assistant Director
|---Public Services Division
|Carol Turner, Associate Director
|---Support Services Division
|Bill Covey, Interim Assistant Director
|---Library Development
Vacant, Director of Development
|---Program Assistant
|Brandy Burgess
|---Public Information Officer
Barbara Hood
Collection Management Division
John Ingram --------------|---Collection Management Department
Deputy Director |Shelley Arlen, Chair
||---Humanities Bibliographer
||Frank Ditrolio
||---Social Sciences Bibliographer
||Peter McKay, Assistant Chair
||---Science Bibliographer
|Barry Hartigan
|---Special and Area Studies Collections Department
Rita Smith, Interim Chair
|---Latin American Collection
|Richard Phillips, Head
|---Judaica Library
|Yael Herbsman, Interim Head
|---Africana Colletion
|Peter Malanchuk, Head
|---Asian Studies Collection
David Hickey, Head
Technology Services Division
Michele Crump -------------|---Acquisitions &Licensing
Interim Assistant Director |Steve Carrico, Interim Chair
||---Serials Unit
||Doug Kiker
||---Monographs Unit
||Suzanne Kiker
||---Gifts &Exchange Unit
||Raimonda Margjoni
||---Paying Unit
||Jack Waters
||---Database Maintenance Unit
|Lawan Orser
|---Cataloging &Metadata
|Betsy Simpson, Chair
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