S P E C K i t T i t l e L i s t
SP297 Library Development
SP296 Public Services in Special Collections
SP295 Remote Shelving Facilities
SP294 Managing Digitization Activities
SP293 External Review for Promo &Tenure
SP292 Institutional Repositories
SP291 Spatial Data Collections &Services
SP290 Access Services
SP289 Managing Large Projects
SP288 Scanning Services for Library Users
SP287 Instructional Improvement Programs
SP286 Collab for Dist Learn Info Lit Instr
SP285 Lib Svcs in Non-Library Spaces
SP284 Security in Special Collections
SP283 Grant Coordination
SP282 Managing Electronic Resources
SP281 The Information Commons
SP280 Library User Surveys
SP279 Evaluating Library Instruction
SP278 Library Patron Privacy
SP277 Lib Pub Acc Workstation Auth
SP276 Recruitment and Retention
SP275 Laptop Computer Services
SP274 Data Mining &Warehousing
SP273 Chat Reference
SP272 Insuring &Valuing Res Lib Coll
SP271 Lib Systems Office Organization
SP270 Core Competencies
SP269 Integrating Preserv Activities
SP268 Reference Statistics
SP267 User Authentication
SP266 Staffing the Library Website
SP265 Instructional Support Services
SP264 Extended Library Hours
SP263 Numeric Data Services
SP262 Preservation &Digitization
SP261 Post-Tenure Review
SP260 Interview Process
SP259 Fee-based Services
SP258 Corporate Annual Reports
SP257 MLS Hiring Requirement
SP256 Changing Roles of Lib Profs
SP255 Branch Libs/Discrete Collectns
SP254 Managing Printing Services
SP253 Networked Info Services
SP252 Supprt Staff Classifictn Studies
SP251 Electronic Reference Service
SP250 TL10: Educating Faculty
SP249 Catalogng of Resrces Digitized
SP248 Licensing of Electronic Prodcts
SP247 Management of Lib Security
SP246 Web Page Devel &Managmnt
SP245 Electronic Reserves Operations
SP244 TL 9: Renovation &Reconfigur
SP243 TL 8: Users with Disabilities
SP242 Library Storage Facilities
SP241 Gifts and Exchange Function
SP240 Marketing and PR Activities
SP239 Mentoring Programs in ARL
SP238 ARL GIS Literacy Project
SP237 Managing Food and Drink
SP236 TL 7: E-Theses/Dissertations
SP235 Collaborative Coll Management
SP234 TL 6: Distance Learning
SP233 ARL in Extension/Outreach
SP232 Use of Teams in ARL
SP231 Cust Service Programs in ARL
SP230 Affirmative Action in ARL
SP229 Evaluating Acad Libr Dirs
SP228 TL 5: Preserving Digital Info
SP227 Org of Doc Coll &Svcs
SP226 TL 4: After the User Survey
SP225 Partnerships Program
SP224 Staff Training &Development
SP223 TL 3: Electronic Scholarly Pubn
SP222 Electronic Resource Sharing
SP221 Evol &Status of Approval Plans
SP220 Internet Training
SP219 TL 2: Geographic Info Systems
SP218 Info Technology Policies
SP217 TL 1: Electronic Reserves
SP216 Role of Libs in Distance Ed
SP215 Reorg &Restructuring
SP214 Digit Tech for Preservation
SP213 Tech Svcs Workstations
SP212 Non-Librarian Professionals
SP211 Library Systems Office Org
SP210 Strategic Planning
SP209 Library Photocopy Operations
SP208 Effective Library Signage
SP207 Org of Collection Develop
SP206 Faculty Organizations
SP205 User Surveys in ARL Libs
SP204 Uses of Doc Delivery Svcs
SP203 Reference Svc Policies
SP202 E-journals/Issues &Trends
SP201 E-journals/Pol &Proced
SP200 2001: A Space Reality
SP199 Video Collect &Multimedia
SP198 Automating Preserv Mgt
SP197 Benefits/Professional Staff
SP196 Quality Improve Programs
SP195 Co-op Strategies in Foreign Acqs
SP194 Librarian Job Descriptions
SP193 Lib Develop &Fundraising
SP192 Unpub Matls/Libs, Fair Use
SP191 Prov Pub Svcs Remote User
SP190 Chang Role of Book Repair
SP189 Liaison Svcs in ARL Libs
SP188 Intern, Residency &Fellow
SP187 ILL Trends/Staff &Organ
SP186 Virtual Library
SP185 System Migration
SP184 ILL Trends/Access
SP183 Provision of Comp Print Cap
SP182 Academic Status for Libns
SP181 Perf Appr of Collect Dev Libn
SP180 Flexible Work Arrangemts
SP179 Access Services Org &Mgt
SP178 Insuring Lib Colls &Bldgs
SP177 Salary Setting Policies
SP176 Svcs for Persons w/Disabilities
SP175 Scholarly Info Centrs
SP174 Expert Systems
SP173 Staff Recognition Awards
SP172 Information Desks
SP171 Training of Tech Svc Staff
SP170 Organization Charts
SP169 Mgt of CD-ROM
SP168 Student Employment
SP167 Minority Recruitment
SP166 Materials Budgets
SP165 Cultural Diversity
SP164 Remote Storage
SP163 Affirmative Action
SP162 Audiovisual Policies
SP161 Travel Policies
SP160 Preservation Org &Staff
SP159 Admin of Lib Computer Files
SP158 Strategic Plans
SP157 Fee-based Services
SP156 Automating Authority Control
SP155 Visiting Scholars/Access
SP154 Online Biblio Search
SP153 Use of Mgt Statistics
SP152 Brittle Books Program
SP151 Qualitative Collect Analysis
SP150 Bldg Security &Personal Safety
SP149 Electronic Mail
SP148 User Surveys
SP147 Serials Control/Deselection
SP146 Lib Dev Fund Raising Capabilit
SP145 Lib Publications Programs
SP144 Building Use Policies
SP143 Search Proced Sr LibAdmin
SP142 Remote Access Online Cats
SP141 Approval Plans
SP140 Performance Appraisal
SP139 Performance Eval: Ref Svcs
SP138 University Copyright
SP137 Preservation Guidelines
SP136 Managing Copy Cataloging
SP135 Job Analysis
SP134 Planning Mgt Statistics
SP133 Opt Disks: Storage &Access
SP132 Library-Scholar Communication
SP131 Coll Dev Organization
SP130 Retrospective Conversion
SP129 Organization Charts
SP128 Systems File Organization
SP127 Interlibrary Loan
SP126 Automated Lib Systems
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