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Complete all sections of the position description and type or print the final version. Use words that apply to both genders.
Contact the Human Resources Department if you need assistance.
NAME OF INCUMBENT: ______________________________________________
PRESENT CLASSIFICATION (IF KNOWN): ____________________________________________________
TITLE OF POSITION: Libraries Major Gifts Officer (full-time, permanent) _______
ADDRESS OR LOCATION OF POSITION: Elizabeth Dafoe Library /Frank Kennedy Center__________
DEPARTMENT OR UNIT: University of Manitoba Libraries /Department of Development
SUPERVISING THIS POSITION: C. Presser, Director of Libraries /M. Hamilton, Dir. of
The Libraries Major Gifts Officer will report directly to the Director of Libraries regarding the achievement of the
strategic fundraising plan and priority of work and will have development work overseen by the Director of Development.
Will also receive guidance on development methodologies and related University of Manitoba policies/procedures and on
accessing resources and professional development from the Department of Development.
This section is intended to be a capsule summary of the position and its relationship to the work unit in which it is located. Therefore, you may wish to
complete it after completing Section 3.
A. THE UNIT (Briefly indicate the size, purpose and goals of the Faculty/School, Department and Unit. Start with Faculty or Unit then move
to immediate work unit. Include sizes of budget, staff, students, etc.)
The Department of Development at the University of Manitoba has the responsibility to support the University of Manitoba
in fulfilling its academic, research and institutional aspirations by acquiring private funding from corporations, foundations,
faculty, staff, students, alumni and individual donors as well as non-operating government support. University procedures
provide that no fundraising project can be undertaken by a unit/Faculty/School without the knowledge and approval of the
Department of Development. The Department of Development works in close collaboration with the Director of Libraries in
this regard.
The University of Manitoba Libraries consist of eleven unit libraries on the Fort Garry Campus and one on the Bannatyne
Campus, as well as nine satellite libraries. Together they contain over 2,000,000 volumes, subscribe to 9,000 serials, hold a
variety of materials in microform and multimedia formats and provide access to both local and remote databases. The
University of Manitoba Libraries continues to move forward in fulfilling its vision of being recognized as an essential
resource for information within the university and the Province of Manitoba, providing an environment which fosters
scholarship, creativity and learning. The Libraries objective is to support the university’s teaching and research agenda by
developing the collections, both print and electronic and provide access to the collections through technology and services in
all of the libraries. The Departments of Development and Advancement Services support the development needs of all
University of Manitoba Libraries.
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