Library Development · 143
Books, Journals, and Articles
The Bottom Line. Published by Emerald Publishing. Numerous articles and an on-going column about
Butler, Meredith, ed. Successful Fundraising: Case Studies of Academic Libraries. Washington, DC:
Association of Research Libraries, 2001.
Dewey, Barbara I. “Fund-raising for Large Public University Libraries.” Library Administration &
Management 20, no. 1 (Winter 2006): 5–12.
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edition, Miriam A. Drake, editor. 35–43. New York: Marcel Dekker, 2003.
Martin, Susan K. “The Changing Role of the Library Director: Fund-raising and the Academic Library.”
Journal of Academic Librarianship 24 (January 1998): 3–10.
Martin, Susan K., ed. “Development and Fund-Raising Initiatives.” Library Trends 48, no. 3 (Winter 2000):
525–637. The articles in this special issue cover a wide range of development topics.
Seiler, Timothy L. “Making the Case for Development in Academic Support Units.” in F.A. Hilenski,
editor. The Unit Development Officer’s Handbook. Washington, DC: CASE, 2002, 199–206.
Steele, Victoria, and Stephen D. Elder. Becoming a Fundraiser: The Principles and Practices of Library
Development 2nd edition. Chicago: American Library Association, 2000.
Winston, Mark D., and Lisa Dunkley. “Leadership Competencies for Academic Librarians: The
Importance of Development and Fundraising.” College and Research Libraries 63, no. 2. (March
2002) 171–82.
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