Library Development · 55
“Mostly the director/dean, but also the foundations vice president of development.”
“Principal Gifts Director and institution’s Development Director.”
“Senior Director of Arts and Sciences consults with Dean of Libraries.”
“Shared by library director and institution’s development department director.”
“University librarian and central development.”
“Vice President University Development, Vice Provost Libraries, Computing &Technology, and Library Director.”
Evaluates other staff
“Library Director and LDO evaluate other staff.”
“University Librarian and Deputy Associate Chancellor for Development.”
Please give title of other person who conducts evaluations of the chief LDO and other staff.
Selected Comments from Respondents
Evaluates Chief LDO
“Vice President, Strategic Initiatives.”
“Director of Colleges &Units.”
“Foundation vice president who consults with library director.”
“President and CEO of the library.”
Evaluates other staff
“Assistant University Librarian for Technical Services.”
“University advancement.”
Library Coordination with the Institution’s Development Office
24. Is the library considered equal to other units/schools in the institution in terms of fundraising
opportunities? N=78
Yes 41 53%
No 37 47%
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