44 · SPEC Kit 297
16. Is the chief LDO a member of/participant in a department heads committee, roundtable, or
equivalent? N=78
Yes 47 60%
No 31 40%
Selected Comments from Respondents
“Department heads, faculty: attend occasional meetings.”
“Is a member of the Dean’s Council made up of dean, associate deans, information technology officer,
department heads, and LDO.”
“LDO is a member and participant of the Library Management Group.”
“Library Council.”
“Library Management Council.”
“Is a member of Strategic Planning Group and Staff Management Group.”
“Only monthly meeting.”
“Not a group in our library.”
“Does answer directly to library director.”
“LDO is welcome to attend any library meeting by prior arrangement.”
“Reports to the university’s fundraising organization.”
“She could be but does not wish to be—is out seeing potential donors.”
“The LDO attends executive staff committee meetings held by Vice Provost Libraries, Computing &
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