Library Development · 59
“All development officers with interest in the prospect.”
“All divisions who are cleared for the prospect are invited to the meeting.”
“Always in relation to campaign meetings with deans &director of libraries. Meetings are held on a per need
“Always with respect to prospects with any library connection.”
“Arts &Sciences development team, prospect research staff meetings are held ad hoc.”
“Dean of Libraries, institution’s Development Officer, LDO, 2–3 times per year.”
“Depends on the prospect and the situation. At times, there are representatives from the faculties/schools and
people from Central Development.”
“Foundation staff and other chief development officers from the college or unit the donor has interest.”
“Held as needed to cover activities with major prospects.”
“LDO attends these meetings but only when the prospects have a library interest.”
“LDO is always consulted for case statement and information. Other activities are highly situational.”
“LDO participates in strategy sessions for joint proposals to shared prospects.”
“LDO’s direct report: Executive Director of Development for Professional Schools and Library.”
“Other development officers, members of the university’s major and principal gifts teams.”
“Other major gifts officers, Asst. V.P.”
“Prospect managers including capital and/or major gift officers, planning giving officers, LDO, class officers (for
reunion year prospects). Meetings are held weekly.”
“The chief LDO attends, along with any other DOs from other units that are involved with that prospect. The
meetings are held on an as needed basis.”
“There are some fundraisers for other units on campus who will invite the library to be a part of a proposal,
particularly when the target donor has papers to give. We get the papers they get the money.”
“These are arranged by the foundation. The meetings are attended by the Foundation President, Prospect
Management, Exec. Dir. of Dev., Prospect Research, and any constituency development directors that ‘fit’ the
donor’s expressed interests. The meetings are held on an as needed basis. That basis is determined by what
asks are in front of the donors and how long those asks have been considered.”
“These are only held as the occasion arises. The participants are usually the various units who have been
working with the person and a foundation rep.”
“Top university prospects are handled exclusively through the Principal Gifts Office in conjunction with the
Chancellor. The LDO does participate in all other University Advancement meetings including Major Gift
meetings, CDO meetings and department-wide meetings.”
“University Development meets with Development Officers on a monthly basis.”
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