Library Development · 39
Position 2
14% Newsletter, acknowledgments, meetings, follow up to trips
15% Identify new prospects Public relations
25% Development publications
30% Publications that update donors on library activities Publications/media relations
40% Communications, newsletter, special letters
50% Grants and publications/newsletters
80% Federal grants/sponsored programs (30%), volunteer management—administration &training (50%)
Position 3
10% Donor recognition, gifts Fulfillment Web site, position is half time
20% Research &database management
30% Record keeping and research related to development Gift processing, stewardship data maintenance,
coordination of commemorative book plating Development publications
90% Publications and public relations for the library
Position 4
40% Research and data management
60% Communications, case statements, etc.
95% Government grants
Position 6
20% Faculty liaison
11. Please indicate who provides administrative support to the chief LDO. For each applicable
category of support staff also enter the number of individuals and total FTE. Check all that
apply. N=77
A full-time administrative staff member who reports directly to the LDO 35 45%
LDO has access to administrative support, but does not provide supervision 34 44%
Student employees 23 30%
A part-time administrative staff member who reports directly to the LDO 22 29%
Other staff category 12 16%
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